Monday 29 June 2015

Barnabas the Bullyfrog

Barnabas the Bullyfrog written by Em Horsfield, Carol Heuchan and Yolande Bromet, illustrated by Glen Singleton (Little Steps Publishing)

PB RRP $16.95
ISBN: 9781925117202

Reviewed by Anne Hamilton

The illustrations in this book remind me of Quentin Blake’s work -- they’ve got that flavour and sense of style. But these are bigger and bolder and spread wider across the page.
This is a fun book that begins with a page introducing the characters. Great touch! There’s Max the boy, Maureen the kangaroo, Madge the emu, Arnold the koala, Dean the echidna, Gus the wombat, Borris the goanna, Nosh the nutmobile and of course Barnabas the Bullyfrog.
The story begins with Arnold reading his beemail and exclaiming, ‘No! The bullYfrog is back! He’s blaming bees-es for his sneezes, threatening to attack! He plans to bullYdoze the bees and drive them far out west; demands we meet him at the hive, if we know what is best.’
Yep, it’s rhyming verse again! Generally it scans quite well but it’s probably worthwhile for the adult reader to look it over once before attempting it because the rhythm only works when the emphasis is correctly placed.
Barnabas the BullYfrog is back and he plans to bullYdoze the bees because he’s blaming them for his sneezing. Nosh the nutmobile and his friends have been bullied before, so they rally to the defence of the bees. I’m sure kids will love the picture of Barnabas with his tongue trapped under one of Nosh’s wheels while Dean spreads honey along its length.

Barnabas changes his tune when his sneezes ease at the honey application.

With a mixture of themes on friendship, bullying and the benefits of bees, this is a book for more than one occasion. It is created by Macadamia House and is part of ‘The Nutmobile Series’.

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