Sunday 28 June 2015

Polka Dot Float

Polka Dot Float written and illustrated by Maryanne O’Flynn (Little Steps Publishing)          PB RRP $16.95                                                                                                                                    ISBN: 9781925117356
Reviewed by Anne Hamilton

Simple illustrations executed in bright acrylics accompany this pleasant story about a group of Australian animals.

Polka Dot is an echidna who wants to swim. The black swan is rude and mocking even before Polka Dot makes it into the billabong. The frogs, however, do their best to show her how it’s done. But their efforts are in vain; all Polka Dot can do is float. Determined to succeed, she returns the following day to have another go. By this time, there’s an audience -- Kangaroo, Koala, Bilby and Wombat have all come to watch.

As Polka Dot is about to enter the water, she smells smoke. A fire is raging, heading towards the billabong. Suddenly Polka Dot’s talent is a serious advantage as the animals launch out into the deep, all clinging fast to their floating friend.

This is a book about determination and valuing unexpected talents, even if they don’t seem useful. It would suit pre-schooler and first grade readers.

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  1. My children love this story! The illustrations are beautiful and an engaging story.


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