Monday 21 September 2015

Cyclone Fever

Cyclone Fever by Sally Morgan, illustrated by Beth Norling (Omnibus Books)
PB RRP $12.99
ISBN 978-1-74299-103-0

Reviewed by Jenny Heslop

Danny listens to the weather alert about Cyclone Thelma and hopes it will not ruin his day off school. It is only graded a Category One after all, no real threat. Gran is being a little over-anxious with all her preparations. But due to a couple of ‘deals’ – which Danny  is confident he will come out on top with – he helps Gran tape the windows, prepare food and round up batteries.
Then, as Cyclone Thelma gains power, Danny and his family are grateful for Gran’s intuition and action.
Cyclone Fever is another title in the fabulous Australian Mates – Great Australian Yarns series. Short chapters, easy to read and full colour illustrations which do not diminish the strong and unique stories are a feature of all the titles in the series. This story is about a natural disaster which is not uncommon in the north of Australia.
Cyclone Fever is just as much about family and community as it is about cyclones – the preparation, the storm itself, and the aftermath.
Sally Morgan has written many great early reader’s chapter books featuring indigenous families and communities which are relevant to all Australians. This is another interesting, entertaining and amusing story for junior readers.

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