Sunday 20 September 2015

Daredevil Duck

Daredevil Duck written and illustrated by Charlie Adler (NewSouth Books)
HB RRP $21.99
ISBN 978-0-76245-456-3

Reviewed by Peta Biggin

Meet Daredevil Duck.  He is the bravest duck in the world.  Well, at least he wants to be.  In truth he is afraid of everything so all he can do is dream of being brave while the other ducks make fun of him.  Until one day he needs to actually be brave and to his and everyone’s surprise he is.  From then on his life becomes very different because now, deep down, he knows he is Daredevil Duck.

Daredevil Duck is the first picture book authored by English illustrator Charlie Alder.  It is a story about facing and overcoming your fears and would be most suitable for pre-school or early school-aged children.

Apart from being a sweet and fun story that deals with an important life-lesson, this is visually a very enjoyable book.  Charlie Adler’s illustrations are colourful and lively and children will love seeing how Daredevil Duck discovers his true mettle.  There is also an interactive element with the inclusion of lift-the-flap, fold-out and uneven pages at various points throughout the book.  It would make a great read-aloud book but the interesting presentation will also encourage young readers to flip through the pages on their own.

Charlie Alder is an English illustrator and coffee lover.  Her books include Toot! and Express Yourself.  Daredevil Duck is her first author/illustrated picture book.  She lives in Devon, England with her husband and young son who is the inspiration for her book.  She can be found online at

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