Sunday 29 November 2015

Three Dragons for Christmas

Three Dragons for Christmas by Fiona McDonald, Sophie Masson, Beattie Alvarez, Lisa Stewart and David Allan (Christmas Press)
HB RRP: $21.99
ISBN 9780992283896

Reviewed by Ashling Kwok

Three Dragons for Christmas is a beautiful 32-page book that is perfect for young readers. It contains three original, heartwarming stories created by different authors and illustrators and featuring everyone’s favourite mystical creatures - dragons.

Come on a journey as you discover whether dragons can really make a toymaker’s luck change or pull Santa's sleigh, or whether a dragon family will get their Christmas feast.

The book has a nostalgic feel to it and the pages are beautifully designed and presented. The style and layout of the book is reminiscent of old-time classic fairytales from years gone by.

The cover features gold-foil stamping and enticing illustrations that will appeal to anyone looking for a lovely book to share at Christmas time.

The stories are creative and well written which makes them enjoyable to read. The book also features numerous black and white and colourful illustrations that enhance the story and appeal to readers. The text is clear and easy to read, and the stories easy to follow.

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to pick up a copy of Three Dragons for Christmas. Friends and family would love receive this precious keepsake which is great for sharing aloud or for children who like to read by themselves.

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