Saturday 28 November 2015

Wow! The Wonders of our World

Wow! The Wonders of our World by Joy Noble and Fiona Johnston, illustrated by Lucy Buxton (Elbon Books)
PB RRP $19.95
ISBN 9780994385307

Reviewed by Ashling Kwok

Wow! The Wonders of our World is a fabulous book full of interesting information that will appeal to young readers and anyone who enjoys learning about how things work.

This lovely book is jam-packed with fascinating facts that will promote curiosity, stimulate thinking and encourage children to ask more questions. Children will learn how certain things work, how they are created and their purpose in this world.

As you flick through the book, you will be amazed at the range and diversity of topics covered including the Brain, Language, Speed, Transport, and Space and Time, to name a few.

The cover of the book is bright and bold, and will entice readers to pick it up. The text is easy to read and the language reader friendly. The colourful illustrations are imaginative and creative, and bring the pages to life. They make this book a pleasure to read.

This is an engaging book that has the potential to expand young minds as they struggle to understand how the world evolved and how they can survive in our ever changing environment.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys learning about the world we live in and to anyone looking to inspire young children to pick up a book. Once they start reading it, they will find it impossible to put it down.

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