Wednesday 23 December 2015

Midget Bones' Diary

Midget Bones' Diary by Robyn Osborne (Puppy Care Education)
PB RRP $31.99
ISBN 9781922187987

Reviewed by Ashling Kwok

Midget Bones' Diary is an unusual book to say the least. It follows the trials and tribulations of 'The Bones' as he adjusts to life outside the animal shelter he has called home for many years. Being fostered and playing happy families was not something Midget had planned on.

Midget isn't a big fan of change and enjoyed his time playing top dog at the shelter. Life with humans was fraught with difficulties and he was unaccustomed to such close human interactions and not prepared to share his new home with a large and unwanted kennel companion from the shelter.

Midget Bones' Diary is written by an award-winning Australian writer and teacher, with an obvious love of dogs. She has had four other books published and is a regular contributor to Dogs’ Life magazine.

This book is suitable for young adult and older readers who enjoy reading amusing animal tales. It is written in a diary entry format and features a full year of entries. The language is simple and suits this style of book which is odd, given that the entries are ‘written’ by a dog.

What bothered me about this book is that Midget Bones was edited with the US market in mind so there is American spelling throughout. If you can get past that, you will probably enjoy reading this original story which is written in a very usual way.

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