Thursday 24 December 2015


Tabby by Stephen Kok, illustrated by P.R Dedelis (Sigmate Studio) RRP AUD $18.95 ISBN 9780994289902                                                                  
Reviewed by Ellie Royce

This graphic novel Tabby is a classic tale interpretation of Romeo and Juliet where two rival cat family groups are challenged to get along together despite their differences. Tabby’s idyllic world is changed when a new family of cats move into the neighbourhood and Tabby Junior falls in love with a cat from the other family!

The 70-page novel is fast- paced and full of images complex enough to inspire thought and stimulate the imagination. Language is clear and connects the images to form a coherent, flowing story-line which poses some interesting moral questions and deals with some important emotional issues in a fun, engaging and easily understandable way.

Graphic novels have earned their place in promoting literacy and as Tabby is an Australian- created graphic novel – not Japanese Manga  or American Superheroes -- it surely deserves a place in Australian libraries and classrooms, as well as on the bookshelves of reluctant readers and lovers of visual storytelling. The great little section at the back of the book which follows its evolution and shows the development of the characters and story is an extra bonus!

It is recommended for readers between 7-12 years.

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