Monday 8 May 2017

Labyrinth: find your way through 14 magical mazes

Labyrinth: find your way through 14 magical mazes by Théo Guignard (Quarto Publishing Group UK)  HB RRP $24.99  ISBN 9781847809988

Reviewed by Daniela Andrews

‘The king has laid down the red carpet for his royal guest. Can you find the way to his throne? On the way, look out for: someone looking out of a window; a roof with a crescent shape; a clock tower; a lady in a violet dress, and two pairs of sentries on guard.’

This amazing hardcover collection of geometric mazes by Théo Guignard is a true feast for the eyes as well as the brain. Young readers (aged 5 and over) will enjoy solving the mazes and finding the hidden items in each double-paged spread, whilst adult readers will appreciate the book as an eye-catching compilation of artwork.

Guignard is a renowned French graphic artist, best known for his film and television animations. His style, a calculated positioning of kaleidoscopic shapes and patterns, evokes a powerful depth of field that gives his work a 3D feel. Forget your concept of a basic maze … this book is, indeed, a collection of challenging labyrinths, each progressing in difficulty.

Be prepared to audibly gasp as you turn the pages. There is so much to see! Wind yourself through the rooms of the ‘magical mansion’, a maze formed by interlocking cubes with varied numbers of doorway options to confuse your path. Or try your luck at making a path through the dragon’s lair by selecting the appropriate staircases, tunnels and underpasses to guide your way. Help the police hunt down a red robot by sorting through the mess of overlapping roads – a definite workout for the eyes! There is also a castle scene, a beach, a town and a factory, amongst others.

As you progress through the book, the overlapping of shapes becomes far more intense to suit the difficulty level. I imagine people of all ages will find satisfaction in solving these mazes. The book has become quite a favourite in our household, and captures the attention of visitors too. Thankfully, for those of us that simply ‘give up’, an illustrated bird’s eye view of the answers has been included!

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