Friday 14 September 2018

Fake ID republished

There is now a Tamil translation of 'Fake I.D.', a YA novel by Hazel Edwards.                                                                                                                                Originally published by Lothian in 2002, with a Canadian Vanwell edition (2005), a film option was taken up, but flopped due to financial issues, rights were reverted, and it became an e-book and then it was studied by university students in Chennai.

Now translated into Tamil, it will be launched in Chennai, India, by the Consul General on 17 September. The publisher is Cre-A which publishes it with a new cover. Prof Judith Rodriguez is kindly launching the translated book as she will be in India for PEN. International.

'Fake ID' is a YA family history mystery based on 14 year-old Zoe who finds on the day of her grandmother's funeral that her Gran had a fake ID all her Australian life.

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