Thursday 25 October 2018

Hello, Honey Bee

Hello, Honey Bee, written and illustrated by Felicity Marshall (Propolis Publishing) HB RRP $20 ISBN 1397806482533

Reviewed by Hazel Edwards

Stunning illustrations with joyous detail abound in this book, but also shown is the serious eco-issue of how if the bees lose their home, we all lose our food because they can no longer pollinate. What makes this picture book special is the touches of satire in the wonderful friendship between the Queen Bee with attitude and the Royal Queen who just might be modelled upon an existing royal Elizabeth. And there's a Prince Charles like-alike wandering in the garden page.

Features of this book are unusual perspectives and detailed end-papers which indicate a well produced picture book. But the scientific details are also accurate because Felicity Marshall is a bee-keeper as well as a producer of fine honey and stories.

My 7-year-old grandson's favourite page is the Queen with all the Flower Power protest badges and the Buzz Radio news. My favourite illustration was the exquisitely flowered teapot for toast and honey afternoon tea.

Reads well aloud for generations to share and useful educationally for schools. Highly recommended

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