Wednesday 22 May 2019

The Wrecker's Revenge

The Wrecker's Revenge by Norman Jorgensen (Fremantle Press) PB RRP $16.99 ISBN 9781925815450

Review by Wendy Haynes

The Wreckers’ Revenge is a sequel to The Smuggler’s Curse and is suitable for 9-14-year-old readers. It is typically a book for boys having a male-dominated cast of characters, but those who like adventure, action, history, and tales of the high seas will also enjoy the story.

The main character Red Read finds himself in a whole lot of trouble and is expelled from a boarding school after sticking up for a fellow student: he hates bullies. Being told in first person lends to the nature of this action
packed story. 

While imprisoned, he discovers what seems like a treasure map on the wall. Soon though, he is whisked away by Captain Black Bowen his guardian, boards the Black Dragon and sets sail for another adventure, in search of treasure. They soon come to realise that their quest may lead them to discover the lost treasure of William Dampier.

The crew finds they are under attack from the Wreckers’ Pearl Divers seeking revenge from their previous clash. Their ship sinks and they are stranded on an island. But the Captain has a plan to help them off the island and teacher the Pearlers a lesson. From there they continue their journey always with the treasure in mind.

Norman Jorgensen has masterfully woven an abundance of surprises along the way adding the them of growing relationships and a captain who loves quoting Shakespeare into the mix making this fast-paced story a must read.

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