Thursday 13 June 2019


Matt Porter has become the principal of a new school! The educational facility is made-up and exists only on the internet, but that’s only a small matter. The school’s website has updates on incidents (in the likely event they will be used as evidence in future court proceedings) every Thursday. The school’s motto is:

Welcome to Everyday College P-12 – where every day is a new day … but still structured to support optimal learning, but with enough spontaneity to ensure student engagement … but not too many surprises as we pride ourselves on teaching the core curriculum … with enough scope to pursue learning opportunities as they arise.

Everyday P-12 School is situated in the north-east of south-west of Victoria, approximately 180 km from Melbourne. The town of Everyday has a population of approximately 6,400 which swells to over 6,415 during the annual Black Cat Lolly Festival. The school’s extensive grounds are filled with trees, open spaces and play equipment. In an achievement the school is extremely proud of, over 65% of the school grounds have recently been declared non-toxic by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The school tends to have staff and incidents that reflect common goings-on at schools across Australia. Such events include a teacher being scolded for labelling a learning group the Wombats, a staff meeting held in silence after the talking stick was misplaced and a parent busted running an Uber-eats style food delivery service to students.

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