Saturday 15 June 2019


Squishy Minnie is an amazing bookshop located in Kyneton, 60 minutes north of Melbourne. The owner, Kristen, is genuinely passionate about books and has an incredible knowledge of them. The shop focuses on children's and young adult books and is the type of place I can see kids and adults spending hours, if not days.

As a school librarian, I have a generous budget to purchase books and Kristen is extremely helpful in selecting books for me that kids will love! I emailed her a list of topics my schools were covering and a few days later she had created an account on her website for me. In the account where summaries of books she recommended and a picture of their covers. All I had to do was read through the list and delete the ones I didn't want (there weren't many at all, just a few I already had). She then shipped them all to me and the whole process only took a bit over a week. 

She recommended (and I bought so many great books), I now have two problems:
          1. I brought the books home and my own children have loved them so much they've secreted several in their rooms and I need to sneak them back out.
          2. I now must catalogue and contact all the books

I can't recommend Kristen and Squishy Minnie bookstore highly enough, as a parent purchasing for kids, for myself and as a teacher-librarian.

Contributed by Matt Porter

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