Wednesday 23 October 2019


Antarctica by Moira Court (Fremantle Press) HB RRP $24.99 ISBN 9781925815757

Reviewed by Nikki M Heath

Antarctica is a mysterious place with a wealth of unusual animals, and Moira Court brings ten of them to the page in this striking book. From orcas and two different types of seal, to blackfin icefish and ‘shrimpish, pinkish’ krill, this nature information book offers a few surprises.

Each spread incorporates counting, colours and descriptions of the creatures and their behaviours, making for a multi-dimensional experience with much to explore. The language is vibrant and incorporates sophisticated vocabulary which will be a stretch for younger readers (and even some older ones). The main spreads are followed by four pages of quirky facts about Antarctica and the featured animals.

Court’s hand-made, layered illustrations are striking, using bold yet natural colours and geometric shapes. The creatures are rendered with surprising depth of character, joyous breaching whales contrasting with trudging penguins and beady-eyed squid.

With so much going on, this book will keep readers coming back repeatedly. While the publisher nominates an age range of 3 to 5 years, the book would also be a valuable classroom resource for junior primary students.

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