Thursday 31 October 2019


Cryptosight by Nean McKenzie (MidnightSun Publishing), ISBN 9781925227536 RRP $17.99

Reviewed by Claire Stuckey

Cryptosight is a special telepathic power to hear or see creatures that may or may not exist. Set in the Flinders Ranges, this Australian mystery adventure commences with Rafferty and Zara on a training session to test not only their survival skills but their understanding of the world of Cryptozoology. With their father missing and their mother acting suspiciously, the siblings embark on a quest to find their father with help from strangers and other cryptozoologists. Travelling across the state the siblings contend with three suspicious men also out to find their father and the unknown creatures. 

Each sibling is different: Raff is practical while free-spirited Zara embraces the unknown. As the enthralling adventure develops, we discover that each has special skills. They discover a grandfather who cares for them and how to rely on and trust each other.

Cryptosight is an enjoyable mystery adventure with mild fantasy overtones in a great Australian setting. The ancient mysteries of hidden creatures make an enthralling basis for the action-packed adventures of the siblings. With determined yet vulnerable young people as the principal characters I think that ages 8-12 years will enjoy this fast-paced story.  

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