Wednesday 29 January 2020

BumbleBunnies Book 4 The Balloon

BumbleBunnies Book 4 The Balloon by Graeme Base (Angus & Robertson) HB RRP $16.99 ISBN 9781460754030

Reviewed by Karen Hendriks

Here is the fourth new picture book in the BumbleBunnies series for young children by award-winning, bestselling creator Graeme Base. This book follows the other BumbleBunnies adventures, The Pond, The Sock and The Gate. Wuffle the puppy, Lou the kitten and Billington the Duck are about to have their peaceful afternoon interrupted.

BumbleBunnies The Balloon uses simple text to build tension as a large stray birthday balloon appears and heads towards the rosebush. You can almost feel a young reader holding their breath as they anticipate the bang! The Bumble Bunnies appear to come to the rescue but there doesn’t seem to be anything useful around to use.
The illustrations are bold and bright with a lush green palette to enhance the backyard setting. Graeme Base has created detailed backyard illustrations that relate to a young child’s world. I particularly like the double page spread where the BumbleBunnies steer the balloon away. This captures how vast a backyard is to a small child and the BumbleBunnies could easily be imagined in any child’s yard.

This simple book captures the delights of small children where small things can bring lots of fun.

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