Wednesday 6 May 2020

Charles Darwin: Scientists Who Changed the World

Charles Darwin: Scientists Who Changed the World by Anita Croy (EK Books)
Non-Fiction, Hardback, 88 pages, RRP $24.99, ISBN 9781925820706

Reviewed by Karen Hendriks

Charles Darwin is part of a series designed to help us learn about scientists who changed the world. Many children hear about scientists but may not really know what they contributed to our world. This book gives a clear understanding of Charles Darwin’s theory that animals adapted and evolved to survive and that we are all connected.

There are six chapters that include photos, quotes, facts, and varied page layouts with colourful illustrations that are very appealing for child readers. The chapters do not have to be read in order and the text is clear and concise without too much information to take in at once. This book also supports STEM in our schools with its approach to the topic.

Croy develops an understanding and appreciation of the enquiring mind of Charles Darwin and who and what influenced him. A big thing about science is the why and how and this book lets a child see and understand this. Charles Darwin came up with his theory of evolution, but he also had to work hard to prove his findings against the teachings of the church.

This book can surprise a child with the attention paid to detail. Did you know our capital city Darwin is named after Charles Darwin? He grew up in an exciting time in the field of natural philosophy across Europe when many individuals were taking a scientific approach to studying the natural and this book clearly shows this influence. A child growing up today can be inspired to become a pioneer in a scientific field that they are passionate about.

Charles Darwin is a book that will captivate any child aged 10 to 13 years with an interest in the natural world, and our place in it. Charles Darwin’s discoveries really did change our understanding of the world around us forever.

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