Tuesday 26 May 2020

The Big Old Rambutan Tree

The Big Old Rambutan Tree by Kathy Creamer (Little Pink Dog Books) PB RRP ISBN 9780648256373

Reviewed by Claire Stuckey

Ginger is a hungry orangutan savoring the perfume of the first rambutan fruit of the season. The big old rambutan tree provides a feast for the congress. Ginger discovers and adopts a lost tiger cub, but the others are wary of this natural enemy. She continues to care for the cub, but Stripes soon hungers for more than fruit. Ginger sadly sends him on his way. Years later a fire threatens the orangutan’s environment. Escaping to the big old Rambutan Tree, Ginger falls but is rescued by an enormous tiger as animals across the rainforest search for shelter. Life returns slowly to the rainforest 
environment after monsoon rains, including the fruit on the big old rambutan tree.

This is also kindness story; a retelling of how good deeds are often repaid. Ginger is the ideal role model, compassionate yet pragmatic. Colourful illustrations bring action and emotion to the animal characters; these will certainly engage children. Set in Sumatra, it provides readers with a simple tale of the importance of a food source to a threatened species. Ginger is the ideal role model, compassionate yet pragmatic.

Introducing the concept of fire and environmental damage to a pristine environment in what appears to be a simple story is clever and important for the planet’s future. An information page or glossary on the rainforest animals featured -- such as the Sun bears, birds and other species -- might have been a useful addition. The proceeds of book sales go to Orangutan Outreach to support conservation.  

This title would be a great classroom resource. Recommended for ages 4 > 7 years.

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