Sunday 24 May 2020

Eloise and the Bucket of Stars

Eloise and the Bucket of Stars by Janeen Brian

Orphaned as a baby, Eloise Pail yearns for a family. Instead, she lives a lonely life trapped in an orphanage and made miserable by the cruel Sister Hortense. Befriended by the village blacksmith, Eloise soon uncovers some strange secrets of yesteryear and learns that something terrible may be about to happen to the village. As troubles and dangers mount, she must learn who to trust and choose between saving the village or belonging to a family of her own. Unless something truly magical happens...
The title is mid-grade, historical, magic realism aged at readers 9+ years. It’s described as:

·       A powerful tale of how magic weaves its way into the real world.
·       Explores themes of belonging, what it takes to be a friend and what constitutes a family.
LINKS:   Available online and in all good bookshops.

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