Tuesday 22 September 2020

Happiness is a Cloud, written by Robert Vescio, illustrated by Nancy Bevington (Big Sky Publishing, 2020) ISBN: 9781922265715

Paperback, 32 pp RRP $14.99 

Reviewed by Julie Thorndyke

This picture book is a refreshing, uplifting look at cloud-spotting. Harry and his father, together with dog Jasper, enjoy cloud watching. The book takes us through different moods with different cloud shapes, from happiness to sadness, fear, and loneliness, and back to happiness again.

A background of photographs provides a realistic backdrop for the hand drawn figures of the father, boy and dog.

A narrative arc is provided as the characters walk on the beach observing clouds. Jasper the df goes missing. The mood turns dark like the sky. But a happy ending is assured with the return of Harry’s canine companion.

In a subtle but strong way, this book shows the importance of being in the natural world and the beneficial effect nature can have in our human lives.

“. . . that day, Harry floated home, just like a happy cloud.”

Something we all can use more of.



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