Sunday 20 September 2020

written by Zanni Louise; art by Missy Turner (Five Mile, 2020) Humankind Series. ISBN: 978 1 92597 079 1 Hardback (unpaged): colour illustrations RRP: $19.99

Reviewed by Julie Thorndyke

Honesty is the first book in the new Human Kind series, offering children and their families a framework to talk about values, and the shared beliefs that underpin our lives.

Using relatable characters and scenarios, each book introduces and explores the importance of values, and gives kids the language to talk about and understand them.

A sturdy yellow hardback book with a round window in the front cover, the illustrations inside employ a colour palette reminiscent of vintage 1950s styles (harking back to a simpler time?) The five child characters: Jack, Lila, Mina, Li Wei, and Rosie are ethnically diverse and portrayed in cartoon-like pictures. Freckles the dog also plays a supporting role.

Discussion questions, notes for parents and carers, and advice from a child clinical psychologist complete the book.

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