Saturday 10 July 2021

Dinosaur Whizz! and Dinosaur Whack!

Dinosaur Whizz! and Dinosaur Whack! (Macmillan Children’s Books) HB RRP $14.99 ISBN 9781509835683 and ISBN 9781509835676

Reviewed by Kathleen Grace

Based on the book Dinosaur Roar! by Peter Strickland and Henrietta Strickland in association with the National History Museum, here are two of a series of seven board books ( for preschool readers. The sub-title of Dinosaur Whizz! is The Coelophysis, the speediest – and most quick-thinking -- of the dinosaurs, while the Stegosaurus (Dinosaur Whack!) on the other hand was a clumsy chap. Both books are written in rhyming prose.

Coelophysis loves to run and can’t stand still, much to the annoyance of the other dinosaurs. But when the mean Spinosaurus, Dinosaur Snap, tries to catch Whizz, she finds her quick running can be extremely useful indeed! 
‘With her long, slender legs and her slim, pointed tail, Whizz was built like an athlete for running the trail.’

After accidentally knocking over Dinosaur Chew and bumping Dinosaur Boo, poor Whack finds herself all alone. But happily, she finds a use for her wayward tail and win back her friends. ‘Whack didn’t know it, but as she turned around, her tail knocked Dinosaur Chew to the ground.’

This colourful series introduces a cast of authentic dinosaur characters to young children. Each book also contains a pronunciation guide as well as a spread of simple dinosaur facts, making these books the perfect gift for young dinosaur fans. Of course, adults will need to read the books to their charges, while the bright computer-animated illustrations are sure to be examined again and again by young readers.

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