Friday 9 July 2021

Song Bird: Drought Rescue (Book 5)


Song Bird: Drought Rescue (Book 5) by Karen Tyrrell (Digital Future Press) PB RRP $16.95 ISBN 9780648161769

Reviewed by Kylie Buckley

During her school holidays, Rosie, aka Song Bird Superhero, visits her aunty and uncle on their drought-stricken sheep station, determined to help in some way. When Rosie arrives at the farm with her two besties, Ben and Amy, they realise the situation is far worse than expected. The sheep are starving, the waterhole is barren, the rain tanks are empty and the underground water supply is non-existent. They soon discover that not all of the devastation has occurred naturally, but a criminal force is also at play. The iniquitous Destructo has been causing havoc wherever he goes and leaving his trademark skull and crossbones symbol to taunt the community. No one knows why. It is clear however, that he doesn’t want Rosie and her friends interfering. Thanks to her superpowers, activated by song, she is able to fly and avert some of the catastrophes he has planned, but can she help when her aunty is held captive and they learn what Destructo really wants?

Song Bird: Drought Rescue is the fifth book in the Song Bird series of fantasy fiction. It is suitable for readers 7-10 years old and would appeal to those who enjoy hero and villain stories. Its themes include: drought, Australian landmarks, family, friendship and good vs evil. Teacher notes and children’s activities can be found on the author’s website (

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  1. Thanks Kylie Buckley and Buzz Words Magazine for this awesome Book Review.
    Very much appreciated.
    Karen Tyrrell (Song Bird Superhero)


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