Sunday 4 July 2021

The Silly Seabed Song

The Silly Seabed Song written and illustrated by Aura Parker (Puffin) HB RRP $19.99 ISBN 9781760899394

Reviewed by Dianne Bates

The fly pages of this bedtime story for the very young are simply gorgeous! Different from each other, the front and back double pages show a crowded panorama of the seabed, complete with all kinds of creatures from fish to starfish to crabs with a colourful background of coral reef and seaweed. There is so much to see that one can imagine young children pouring over the illustrations here as much as the illustrations on the inner pages.

The cheerful, brightly coloured illustrations continue as the story begins with ‘Way down deep, under the sea, can you hear it? What can it be?’ followed by a song that begins with the words, ‘Jelly flubber! Wobbly gong! It’s the Silly Seabed Song!’

Three Rock Oysters are singing and playing musical instruments for a cheering crowd. But it’s too much for a turtle hatchling called Fred. There’s so much merriment and so many sea creatures to be seen on each page as the rock oysters try to send them to sleep. However, the crazy words are too much fun, and it just makes them all laugh instead.

This hugely attractive picture book brims with bouncing rhymes and includes the playful riddle of a backwards poem. Every sea creature, from the hermit crab to manta rays to sharks and prawns are joining in the riotous fun. When Seaweed dances onto the scene, she tickles poor Fred who has only wanted to go to bed. But things suddenly change for Fred…

Readers are challenged to find things (such as 10 crabs, two stonefish, three triggerfish and more sea creatures as they look through the book). One can imagine this joyous book will engage young readers and their older carers for many hours. Highly recommended.

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