Sunday 12 September 2021

Fearless Fighters: Graffiti Fighters

Fearless Fighters: Graffiti Fighters by Elaine Ousten (Morris Publishing Australia) PB RRP $17.95 ISBN 9780648878247

Reviewed by Kathleen Grace

On the first day of high school, Evie Kele discovers that someone has graffitied her neighbour Mrs White’s fence. There is a signature: Leonardo. Daughter of a police officer, Evie is incensed. By the end of the day, the graffiti is covered. However, the following day there is graffiti on Evie’s own fence.

Evie, her cousin Willem, and friend Bella find graffiti all over their town, including on the statue of Evie’s great-grandfather’s statue. The three determine to find the culprit. They try to do this with the help of a magic eraser pen which Mrs White gives them. Evie and Willem see a teenager painting on the town’s water tank: the painting is well executed, but then he adds words that imply that the town’s mayor is corrupt. Evie’s dad tells her that the vandal’s name is Jack Dudley who has a record for defacing a school building.

Evie could never have imagined the danger she and her friends would face when she discovers not only magic, but also ghosts and witchcraft.

This simple, skinny book is aimed at early readers. It has the theme of ‘do unto others what you would have done to you,’ and teaches the importance of respecting other people’s property.

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