Saturday 11 September 2021

The Woods are Always Watching

The Woods are Always Watching by Stephanie Perkins (Pan Macmillan) PB RRP $18.99 ISBN 9781509860326

Reviewed by Dianne Bates

Two girls, best friends Josie and Neena, prepare to go hiking (with over-heavy backpacks) for three days in the woods. Things don’t go as they expect. By the first night when they find a camping spot, both are testy and soon arguing vehemently, neither unable to back down. Nothing is going right: their phone charger dies, inside their tent is freezing, there are mosquitoes, they have blisters and bruises. During the night Neena loses her way back to the tent when she leaves it to pee, and there is always the threat of roaming bears (or people). Next day, the atmosphere strained, the girls decide to continue their hike. Rain drenches them. Josie falls into a sinkhole and fractures her foot, loses her glasses. What more can go wrong?

In fact, things can go even worse: there are dead bodies and a stranger carrying a knife and a shotgun, then another stranger: both are the most dangerous predators in the woods.

The Woods are Always Watching is an edge-of-your seat, nerve-wrangling thriller in the horror genre. It’s full of breathtaking action and unexpected twists. And it’s brilliantly written. This is a novel for readers aged 12 years and older who are looking for a terrific read. Highly recommended.

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