Thursday 10 February 2022

Shadows of Olive Trees

Shadows of Olive Trees, a YA novel by Suzanne Gervay

Chapter 1: 
She can't remember when she hadn't retreated behind the brick fence isolating the school in the red light district. It's an old church inner city school. Expensive. Only girls. Built before the prostitutes, drug dealers, homeless took possession.


1.     It’s the second rise of feminism, and young women are navigating their rights. Do you regard it as important for young women of today to understand the journey so they can understand where they are today? 

2.     There are three girlfriends, Tessa, Athena and Jenny. Their relationships have the intensity of youth at this turbulent time in the 70s. What do you imagine their challenges are? Are they the same as today? What choices do they have to make as best friends?

3.     Is raising consciousness of feminism through story significant on International Women’s Day? 

4.     Spectrum SMH wrote that ‘This is a story of friendship and love, reminding me of Looking for Alibrandi.’ Shadows of Olive Trees crystalizes the conflict between old traditions and freedom for girls. Is that still happening today?

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