Wednesday 9 February 2022

Dreaming of Bollywood

Dreaming of Bollywood by Carole Lander                                           This is a novel for readers aged 7–12 that will appeal to girls who want to be Bollywood stars and boys who want to be famous robot designers. The brother and sister in this story are also questioning their identity and where they belong.

Daya is determined to get to Bollywood but she’s hopeless at schoolwork and so naughty that she doesn’t stand a chance––until her family visits relatives in India. Her clever brother Kavi struggles to make friends at school––until he meets Xiang who shares a passion for robots. India raises Daya’s hopes of success and stirs Kavi’s fear of dogs and insecurity about his identity––is he really adopted as Daya thinks he is? A fun story about kids who dream of success but who also have questions about themselves that must be answered.                                                                                                          (Available at Smashwords:

Robots in Bollywood
by Carole Lander                                                This sequel to Dreaming of Bollywood continues the story of Daya and Kavi finding out who is adopted and why.

Daya and Kavi are excited to be returning to India for a film shoot. Daya will be dancing and Kavi will be making robots. But everything goes wrong when Daya is kidnapped and Kavi must find a way to rescue her with the help of his new girlfriend. In the middle of it all, an important relative dies and it almost looks as though the film will be made without the kids. In the end, the family secret is revealed, and the film does get made.

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