Tuesday 8 February 2022

Sunshine and Moonlight

Sunshine and Moonlight by Jan Ormerod (HarperCollins) HB RRP $19.99 each ISBN: 9781460761588 (Sunshine), 9781460761601 (Moonlight)

Reviewed by Dannielle Viera

Reprinted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their publication, Sunshine and Moonlight are picture-book masterpieces that still resonate with today’s kids. Sunshine follows a family’s morning routine, from the young protagonist waking up before her parents to the rush when they realise that they are running late. A

perfect bookend to Sunshine, Moonlight captures the nightly routine, from dinner and bath to bedtime. Who will fall asleep first – parents or child?

Incredibly, the nuanced stories in Sunshine and Moonlight are both told without words. Jan Ormerod leads youngsters aged three and older on two different but very familiar journeys, yet still manages to surprise littlies with clever twists at pivotal moments. The lack of words empowers the reader to create their own narrative and allows them to add personal light and shade to the layered pages.

Utilising clean lines and lifelike colours, Jan’s illustrations are brimming with detail and dynamism. Small eyes will rake the spreads with glee as they search for signposts to guide their storytelling. Jan’s characterisation of the child protagonist is especially charming, and will appeal to readers both young and old.

Although they seem simple on the surface, Sunshine and Moonlight exude an emotional depth that is endearing. Thanks to these fresh editions, a new generation of children will discover the warmth and wonder of these timeless books.



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