Thursday 2 March 2023

Today I’m Playing Dress-Ups

Today I’m Playing Dress-Ups by Tyger-Lee, illustrated by David Abraham Michael (Loose Parts Press) HB RRP $16.00 ISBN: 9780645532517

Reviewed by Dannielle Viera

‘Today I’m playing dress-ups, I’ll wear the silliest things …’ During one creative day, a child transforms a variety of clothes and accessories into an amazing array of costumes. A dressing gown is converted into a doctor’s coat, while a raincoat changes the child into a firefighter. Feathers become bird wings, and a triangle of tin makes a superb shark fin. There is no limit to the fun thanks to the child’s imagination.

Tyger-Lee’s simple rhyming couplets will appeal to kids aged three to six who adore diving into the dress-up box to discover new characters. Light and enticing, the words will spark a sense of wonder and encourage youngsters to forgo screen time for the much more rewarding activity of imaginative play.

David Abraham Michael’s bright illustrations are reminiscent of cartoons such as Adventure Time, but the watercolour medium adds a unique texture to the images. Small eyes will be drawn across the vibrant and dynamic spreads as they seek out each whimsical detail.

A hardy board book that is the perfect size for little fingers, Today I’m Playing Dress-Ups is sure to be read again and again. Children will be inspired to come up with their own clever dress-up ideas using whatever they have at hand.

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