Wednesday 24 May 2023

The Wish Sisters: The Big Wish

The Wish Sisters: The Big Wish written by Allison Rushby, Illustrated by Karen Blair (UQP) PB RRP $12.99 ISBN 9780702265938

Reviewed by Sarah Tegerdine

The Big Wish written by Allison Rushby and Illustrated by Karen Blair is book two from The Wish Sisters Series.

Flicks family has recently found out that Birdie, Flicks baby sister can make wishes that come true. A magical bottle was handed down from Flick and Birdies Granny Aggie. Residing in this bottle is an Imp and the Imp was meant to grant Flick and Birdie unlimited wishes. However, the Imp is notoriously tricky, and Granny Aggies original wish was twisted so that only Birdie has the wishes.

In book two, Flick briefly reflects on the loss of her wishes but after seeing how wishes can go terribly awry, she reconciles that she must help Birdie with her wishing instead.

In The Big Wish, we see Flick getting ready to leave home so she can give a book-talk at her local library group. However, this has thrown Birdies routine off kilter, and Birdie is tired and grumpy. Nervous thoughts run through the back of everyone’s minds.

Right on queue, the moment Birdie becomes upset and agitated or does not get what she wants, the wishing chaos erupts in style with froggy socks and apple snacks for all, not to mention a litter of puppies.

The Imp is at work causing mischief yet again, how will Flick and her family manage this episode?

The Big Wish speaks of courage, self-confidence, and sibling relationships with a fresh and positive outlook. Full of action and fun, readers will continue to enjoy the raucous entertainment that this series provides.

Recommended for newly independent readers.






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