Monday 22 May 2023

The Wish Sisters: The Party Wish

The Wish Sisters: The Party Wish written by Allison Rushby, Illustrated by Karen Blair (UQP) PB RRP $12.99 ISBN 9780702265921

Reviewed by Sarah Tegerdine

The Wish Sisters: The Party Wish by Allison Rushby and Illustrated by Karen Blair is the first of a brand-new magical series, for children ready to leave early readers and leap into chapter books.

Visualise waking up one morning to discover that your little baby sister has been gifted the ability of making all ‘her’ wishes come true? Wild antics are surely to ensue and ensue they do.

Flick is big sister to thirteen-month-old Birdie and Flick wants to be the best big sister ever. Her Granny Aggie, recently passed, gifted Flick a T-Shirt that boldly emblazes these words (Best Big Sister Ever) and she takes them very seriously.

It just so happens it’s not the only gift Granny Aggie left for the sisters. A glass bottle collection one of which contains a very magical creature, called Imp. Granny Aggie bestowed a wish so that her grandbabies would have unlimited wishes. But Imps are tricky and mischievous, and the Imp has tweaked Granny Aggies wish. The Imp does not recognise Flick as a baby so therefore all the wishes fall to Birdie, as she is a baby and babies wishes are way more fun, right?

As the title of the book suggests, the first wish is for a party but no ordinary party. Birdies favourite story book is Petunia the Unicorns Super Fabulous First Birthday. As an amazing big sister, Flick has read this book to Birdie a lot and now it has become the living embodiment of the first wish. With the real Petunia the unicorn who poops cupcakes, a rainbow slide made of sour straps and a floating cloud cake.

How do they explain a flamboyant second birthday party to the neighbours? What could go wrong?

With infinite storyline possibilities The Wish Sisters Series is certainly going to provide endless enjoyment to readers.

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