Sunday 25 June 2023

A Glimmer of Uncommon Fairy Tales

A Glimmer of Uncommon Fairy Tales edited by Elizabeth Klein

This is a collection of unknown, untold stories that will stir the souls of fairy tale lovers everywhere. Each tale is carefully woven together with a silver thread of starlight and a sprinkle of magic, with the golden melody of music from the Boy with the Nightingale’s Voice.

Will Leo Byrd, a reckless but valorous Whistler, save the kingdom with his superlative voice?

Through the forest, a magical procession is witnessed by a boy who later receives a mysterious and dangerous message.

What became of the orphan girl who ate too many apricots and left none for anyone else?
When Coira discovers where Einor, the fisherman, goes at night, she is gripped with an all-consuming desire for vengeance.

Siblings seek revenge for past injustice and wield their wiles against an undeserving ruler.
Using lies and deception to get what you want isn’t advisable, especially if you cheat a shrewd witch.

There’s definitely more to the old egg who stops to share his sad tale at the bus stop.

The customs of Palatia are indeed strange with all the Princesses and tests. But not if it’s all in the rules.

A timid mermaid finds love and courage, which help her escape her life-long fears.

When a swarm of rats overcome the town of Hamelin, who do the townsfolk call? The Piper, of course.

Captured by a dragon, two siblings are challenged to guess its name, or suffer the consequences.

A messenger and a princess, embroiled in a tale of mistaken identity, seek to reveal the truth. But what if no one believes them?

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