Thursday 31 August 2023

The Whispering Stone

The Whispering Stone by Dawn Meredith (self-published) PB RRP $28.22 ISBN: 9788385900909


Reviewed by Kellie Nissen

What if you found out, at the age of 16, that you were adopted … and that you had a twin? And what if you missed meeting your twin by a week but could suddenly hear his voice in your head? And what if you then discovered that your birth family was touched by an ancient curse … and that you are the only one who can break it?

Meet Harry.

Harry is a self-confessed computer nerd who prefers the company of online gamers and most definitely cannot talk to girls, opposite to his outgoing and adventurous best mate David.

Part fantasy, part coming-of-age, The Whispering Stone had me hooked from the first chapter and cheering for Harry as he first steps out of his comfort zone to accompany David on a holiday to his hometown and then finds himself embarking on this quest to lift the curse.

Dawn Meredith has created a relatable cast of teens – each with their own quirks, issues, and strengths – and supporting adults who, in many ways, are just as messed up and in need of Harry’s help. Every reader will resonate with at least one of these real and believable characters.

The strong plot with its multiple storylines kept me turning the pages to the end, which was somewhat predictable but satisfying, nonetheless. The serious themes of guilt, grief and loss are bolstered by the injections of dry humour that only teens can muster, while still being dealt with in an appropriate tone.

With the main characters in their mid-teens, this YA novel could be seen as best suited for the younger end of the YA readership; however, readers (and teachers) should be aware of the mentions of suicide and self-mutilation when considering this novel. Dawn Meredith flags these topics in her promotions for The Whispering Stone and deals with them as necessary, and in a very sensitive manner.  



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