Friday 1 September 2023

I Can Be a Matilda

I Can Be a Matilda text by Penguin Random House, illustrated by Kyla May, Board Book RRP $12.99 ISBN: 9781761048890

Reviewed by Kellie Nissen

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Every child has lofty dreams of being a superstar – whether being a famous actor, singer or sportsperson. And who’s to say they shouldn’t go for their dreams and achieve what they want to achieve?

That’s what I Can Be a Matilda is all about – believing in yourself and going for your dreams.

The Matildas are the Australian women’s national soccer team and they’re gunning for glory in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Pulling their name from the unofficial Australian anthem, ‘Waltzing Matilda’ in recent years, the team was initially established in 1978 and qualified for the World Cup finals for the first time in 2007.

 I Can Be a Matilda is the perfect introduction to the fun of soccer for our youngest readers, from the age they first learn to kick a ball. Read the book, then head outside to dribble, defend and shoot for goal with friends and family. Bright illustrations and minimal text focus on the energy and excitement of the game, with a ‘can do’ focus and a motivational ending – ‘I can be a Matilda too!’

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is being hosted by Australia and New Zealand, with the opening ceremony taking place in Sydney on 20 July 2023 and the competition contested by 32 nations. I Can Be a Matilda is a small, yet important part of the pre-Cup promotional publishing program and is official Football Australia merchandise.

If your little one loves kicking a soccer ball around, this is the ideal book for them.

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