Thursday 21 December 2023

The National Centre for Australian Children's Literature

The National Centre for Australian Children's Literature Finding Folders

 by Hazel Edwards

Bravo to hidden heroic people in the literary world. Especially archivists. Like many authors , I'm less than perfect at filing the progress of my books as I tend to be seduced to move onto the next project. But for the past almost 50 years I've donated my manuscripts and literary papers to what was the Lu Rees Collection and is now the NCACL (National Centre for Australian Children's Literature.) 

I'd like to thank their highly skilled volunteer archivists for collating especially their Finding Folders. Mine (44 pages) has just been completed by Pat Dickson up to 2013, so now I have an incentive to tidy up the rest (2014 - present) , and willingly donate, so researchers and readers can share in the process of creating a book. I'm overwhelmed by the 'Finding Folder on Hazel Edwards' papers gift which was uploaded today and available here. Not sure whether to admit it, but I've discovered forgotten publications and even new material others have donated which relates to my books. NCACL is such a rich ideas resource for those interested in Australian Literature as there are many other creators with their folders.

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