Thursday 22 February 2024

ANZAC TED-10th Anniversary Edition

ANZAC TED-10th Anniversary Edition by Belinda Landsberry. 2024 EK Books. Hardback picture book RRP $29.99. ISBN 978-1 922539-75-5.

Reviewed by Debra Williams

This is a beautifully produced and poignant picture book, which tells an important tale of Australian and New Zealand history. It has been re-released as a hardback for its 10th anniversary.

The first edition of Anzac Ted was Belinda’s debut children’s picture book. Published internationally, it was short-listed for the 2016 Western Australian Young Reader’s Book Awards. It was also featured in the Anzac Stories: Behind the Pages Exhibition in 2017-2018, which was hosted by schools and libraries throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Author/illustrator Belinda Landsberry skillfully blends words and images, transitioning from colour illustrations to sepia, representing the war years, and back to colour again. Written through the eyes of a child who treasures Grandpa Jack’s old war-ravaged bear, it is a tale designed to help children understand the sacrifices made during those years. Anzac Ted is scary: with only one eye, one ear, a split tummy and ripped and torn fur, he doesn’t get any votes from the 27 class students in Show and Tell for the Favourite Toy. However, Ted’s tale is one of being a mascot for the Anzac soldiers. He is a bear who gave them hope, comfort and courage, and this story is celebration of the Anzac spirit.

The author has included a back page explaining the history of the Anzacs, and mentions the Turkish involvement, which is extremely helpful for adults reading the book to younger readers. 

Anzac Ted is recommended for children aged 4-8 years.



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