Friday 29 March 2024

Bluey - BBQ

Bluey - BBQ (Penguin Random House), RRP $14.99 Board Book ISBN 9-781761-344664

Reviewed by Susan Hancy

The Heelers are having a BBQ. Bingo sets the table, then sits in her relaxer chair to relax. But her cousin, Muffin, requests salads with the BBQ and Bluey asks Bingo to make them. She reluctantly agrees and has to get out of her relaxing chair to do so. When she’s made them and goes back to relaxing, Muffin, Bluey and Mum keep asking her to do more to the salads, so she’s continually up and down out of her relaxer chair to please them. When she finally gets to sit back and relax, the sausages are ready and Dad shoves the salads to the side.


The reader wants to scream the same thing as Bingo. “Isn’t anyone going to mention the salads?”


This is a short, fun story told with quintessential Bluey humour that will appeal to 3 to 5-year-old fans of the TV series.

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