Monday 25 March 2024

Mitchell Itches

Mitchell Itches by Kristin Kelly (EK Books), RRP $24.99 Picture Book ISBN 9-781922-539724

Reviewed by Susan Hancy

Mitchell was born with eczema. By the time he starts school, he has tried EVERYTHING possible to reduce his itching and he has a long list of what works and what makes it worse. Still, he can’t get rid of it and now he has to put up with teasing from kids at school who don’t understand that it’s not contagious. To make matters worse, they’ve made up a nasty rhyme – “Itchy Mitchy” – and he wishes that his parents had called him Peter instead.


But then Mitchell discovers two things that help: swimming in the sea over the summer holidays and learning the guitar. When he returns to school, he auditions for the school band, despite heckling from his classmates. It turns out that practising on the guitar not only takes his mind off his urge to itch but has also helped him to become a good guitarist and this does wonders for his self-esteem.


This is a sweet educational book targeted at children who suffer from eczema with fun and engaging illustrations by Amelina Jones. It includes an appendix page of facts about managing eczema as a useful reference for parents.

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