Friday 3 May 2024

Outlaw Girls

Outlaw Girls by Emily Gale & Nova Weetman (Allen & Unwin) ISBN: 978192279023 RRP $16.99

Reviewed by Melissa Wray

Ruby and Kate live two very different lives over140 years apart. One day Kate finds herself transported through time from 1878 to 2022 where she meets Ruby. Before long the two girls find themselves on the ride of their lives with only one outcome for certain. Neither belong in the other girl’s world, especially when the history books have already been written.

Ruby lives with her mum in 2022 who is busy working to make ends meet. Her friends are fun, but don’t always make great choices which leads to Ruby being in trouble regularly. After one particularly bad choice she finds herself sent to her uncle’s farm which has one bonus. She gets to ride the beautiful horse, Queenie.

In 1878 Kate lives with her family who are known relatives of the Kelly gang. In fact, the infamous Ned Kelly is her brother. He’s on the run and it is her job to elude police and safely drop off food to him. This suits Kate because it means she gets to ride her horse, Oliver.

When the two worlds collide, the action is non-stop as Ruby becomes part of the Kelly family. With just the right number of historical facts sprinkled into this time slip tale, Outlaw Girls gallops along keeping the pages turning with fun, humour, and adventure.

Gale and Weetman’s writing styles are so seamless, so in sync, it is difficult to believe it was not just one person who wrote this book. The story includes brilliant horse-riding skills and with attention to detail about the setting in the high country, the reader can easily imagine being in the saddle with Ruby and Kate.

This book is such a great Aussie read and even though most will know the history of Ned Kelly, few will know about his brave and fearless younger sister Kate Kelly, until now. Outlaw Girls is suitable for a 10+ years readership.

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