Wednesday 1 May 2024

Dinosaur in My Pocket

Dinosaur in My Pocket by Ashleigh Bart and Blithe Fielden (Lothian Children’s Books) HB RRP $25.00 9780734422668

James loves two things in his life – dinosaurs (which he knows lots about), and miniatures (he has shelves of them). When he goes on an excursion with his class to a museum, he finds a miniature dinosaur in the shop. However, not having any money to buy it, he can’t help himself, and steals it. Of course, what happens when one has a problem? Why it grows bigger. And this is what happens to James’ stolen toy. From sitting in his pocket, it gets so big it only fits into his school bag. At home it’s so big he must shove it into his wardrobe…

At dinnertime there’s a loud crash coming from James’ bedroom. And this is when Mum and Dad discover a huge dinosaur. Of course, it’s going to grow bigger, so, when the family manages to extricate the creature from their house, it’s outdoors. And growing. By morning it’s as high as the tree in James’ backyard. So, Dad puts it into the back of his truck, and drives it back to the museum. There, as they tell the thieving story, the dinosaur shrinks down to its miniature size. (With James feeling just as small).

With a parental solution to how James can afford the dinosaur, he manages finally to purchase it. And it never grows any bigger!

This picture book, ideal for children 5+ years, is a reminder to kids that we all make mistakes and the importance of being honest and making things right. 

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