Thursday 6 June 2024

Jawsome: Licence to Rock

Jawsome: Licence to Rock written & illustrated by R J Timmis (Allen & Unwin Children) PB, Graphic Novel RRP $15.99 ISBN 978176108607

Reviewed by Sarah Tegerdine

Jawsome: Licence to Rock is the second instalment of the brand-new graphic novel series, Jawsome by Gold Coast author illustrator Rebecca J Timmis.

Like its predecessor, children can sink their shark teeth into two fintastic volumes in one. For anyone discovering the series for the first time, Jawsome is about a circle of juvenile shark friends; Finley, Hunter, Gilleon, and Gnash. They go about their day as regular shark kids but by night, they rock the oceans.

The first tale; Licence to Rock, sees the mysterious disappearance of Gnash, the band’s gnarly drummer. Panic strikes as their imminent trip to Euro-fishin is delayed. The friends band together to follow the clues, recover their best friend, and save the world from the most villainous villains; Dr Finrot, Super-evil Leader of the Alliance of Brutally Bad Anglerfish (A.B.B.A).

The second story; Zombie Sharks Attack begins with our favourite band rehearsing their brand-new track for the Rhythm and Chews Festival. They are opening the festival, and it’s expected to be their best launch ever. But from out of no-where, a new band, The Killer Wails zoom up the charts, rendering Jawsome crushed and bewildered. Soon they uncover something very seaspicous when the residents of Chumville are being zombified by The Killer Wails music. Will Jawsome recover from this set back? Will they solve mystery of the Zombie Sharks?

Jawsome is a hilarious feast of word play at its best. This series will snap up young readers in a flash with its rollicking fun action scenes and endearing characters.

Classic black and white illustrations feature on every page, in a cartoon style that is highly engaging and entertaining, filled with humour and characterisation.

Recommended for readers aged between 6 years and upwards, reluctant readers and/or newly independent readers. Parents and kids alike will have a lot of fun sharing this one.

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