Saturday 10 August 2013

A Cyclone is Coming

A Cyclone is Coming by Darlene Oxenham (Fremantle Press)
PB RRP $ 9.99
ISBN 9781922089342
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Annie lives with her parents in a caravan in Useless Loop. Her plans to spend time at the beach are foiled by the broadcast that a cyclone coming. Her father has decided to secure the caravan to a scraper which weighs several tons, to keep it from being blown away. Any loose thing also needs to be secured, and the windows taped so they won’t shatter. A check is made on the emergency supplies.  Never having experienced a cyclone before, this is a scary adventure for Annie.

Safe within her secured surroundings, the cyclone passes. Annie has much to tell her class on her return to school after the holidays.

These are simple chapter books with interesting themes for young readers. The stories revolve around Indigenous culture, family, adventure, and stories passed on by the elders. The authors write about what they know and the prose is clear and easy to read, making them ideal for reluctant readers.

This series will be attractive to librarians, teachers and parents for inclusion in their reading choices. There are eight more books in the series and more information can be obtained through Fremantle Press.

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