Saturday 20 May 2023

Etta and the Octopus

Etta and the Octopus written by Zana Fraillon, illustrated by Andrew Joyner (Hachette Australia: Lothian Books) PB RRP $14.99 ISBN 9780734421685

Reviewed by Sarah Tegerdine

Etta and the Octopus is the latest release from both award-winning children’s author & Illustrator, Zana Fraillon and Andrew Joyner.

It all begins with Etta discovering an unlikely visitor in her bathroom. Submerged beneath the bubbles is Oswald the Octopus and Etta immediately realises she does not know much about Octopi, so she sets out and writes a list of what she does know.

Oswald turns out to be a particularly challenging house guest and Etta finds it a bit overwhelming. She decides he must belong to someone, so her next mission is finding Oswald’s home.

Just as she reaches her limits by Oswald’s relentless antics and difficult behaviour, he is suddenly claimed by a woman called Marina Prinkle Esquire, Aquarium Manager Extraordinaire. However, something isn’t right: in an instant Oswald is nowhere to be seen. On the floor by her feet is an ink drawing of an incredibly sad looking octopus.

Etta thinks thoughtfully and her mind drifts off to her list about Oswald, and despite his shortfalls, he possesses many good qualities too.

Etta and the Octopus is a frenzy of humour, hilarity and heart and every page will delight.

Recommended for newly independent readers.

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